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HACH LANGE cuvette tests: Minimum amounts of reagents, maximum safety.

LCK333 Nonionic Surfactants cuvette test 0.2-6.0 mg/L

Product ID: LCK333

Pre-dosed reagents for maximum safety. Easy to use and photometric evaluation, packaged in a fully equipped box. Environmentally friendly due to less chemicals.

  • Precise and reliable measurement values
  • Maximum safety for users, thanks to the closed system and low amounts of reagents
  • Convenient and error-free dosing of the reagents
  • Barcode label for automatic recognition in the photometer
  • Differentiation between tests and measuring ranges by means of colour-coding

According to standardDIN 38409-H23-2
Measuring range0.2 - 6.0 mg/L as TRITON x 100
Number of tests25
ParameterSurfactants, nonionic
Storage conditions15 - 25 °C

Data sheet/Brochures

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Colourcode - Cuvettes show their colours
More clarity through colourcoding; uniformly coloured packaging, cuvette labels and caps improve daily operations; new colour system quickly explained; 2 pages
English, English277 KB PDF2005-02-04_logo
LANGE cuvette tests: Insert, read, finish
Produkt Information: LANGE cuvette test, 2 pages with benefits, technical details: IBR, Integrated barcode reader, 10 fold measuremt system; chart of variety of paramters and measuring ranges
English, English163 KB PDF2006-08-24_logo


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Programming instruction for CADAS 100 LPG=210, LCK 333 Nonionic surfactants English, English48 KB PDF2002-02-19_logo
Working procedure: LCK333 Nonionic surfactants
Rev. H
French (Belgium), French (Swiss), French, French (Morocco), Dutch (Belgium), Dutch, German (Swiss), German, German, English, English, Italian (Italy)119 KB PDF2013-04-04_logo


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Quality certificate: Technical data for Validation of LCK333 English, English57 KB PDF2013-02-18_logo

Practice Reports

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LANGE cuvette tests used by the professionals for 40 years
The document reports of the advatages of the LANGE cuvette tests. Author: Dipl.-Ing. Petra Puetz, HACH LANGE Lab product specialist. The launch of the world s first ready-to-use reagent packages for photometric analysis in the 1960s had a substantial effect on environmental analysis. Today LANGE cuvette tests and photometers are indispensable elements of operational analysis. Innovations such as 10-fold rotational measurement have simplified analysis even further and made it more reliable. Quality assurance procedures (analytical quality assurance ADDISTA, round robin tests) are carried out and documented. The correct processing of used reagents in HACH LANGE s own certified environment centre completes the LANGE cuvette test-system. 8 pages
English, English1,189 KB PDF2007-09-18_logo
Maximum simplicity and cost savings in analysing surfactants
Author: Dr. Stefano Malusardi, Sales Manager Laboratory, HACH LANGE srl (Italy). The Italian 152/2006 law foresees wastewater outlet limits for the total surfactants. Each wwtp, industrial or municipal, has to analyse surfactants divided into their components: anionic, non-ionic and cationic surfactants. Official standard methods are prescribed for two species (anionic and non-ionic surfactants), but they are very time consuming, complicated and dangerous due to the chlorinated solvents used. Therefore HACH LANGE developed cuvette tests to help customers in managing these kind of analysis and solving their purpose. 4 pages
English, English660 KB PDF2008-10-17_logo


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LYW915 Rack for 16 LANGE round cuvettes or rectangular cuvettes 10 mm

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LS 120 Shaker for surfactant analysis

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LCW919 Blank value cuvette set